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(BETA rules summary)

Roll dice

You will see dice lined up below your black strip. First, assign a die to one of the 5 roles on the black strip at the top (click the die, then the black strip role). This role will definitely happen.

Dice you have under role will (and the die on the black strip) can be used to perform that role's action(s). Dice you have on other roles may be usable as well, but only if an opponent picks that role.

For each die you have on a role that at least one person picked, you can do an action. Any dice for actions not chosen go back to the cup.

Perform actions

Face Action Description Notes
Explore Scout Discard 0 or more tiles, then draw that many plus 1. Put tiles back after drawing.
Explore Stock Get 2 Money (max 10 money)
Develop Develop Add a die to a development. Automatically built if it has enough dice during develop. (Possibly several developments per round.)
Settle Settle Add a die to a world. Automatically built if it has enough dice during settle. (Possibly several world per round.)
Produce Produce Add one die per world. See "Consume" for discussion of color.
Ship Trade Remove another die on a built world; gain money equal to the world color it is on Blue = 3, Brown = 4, Green = 5, Yellow = 6
Ship Consume Remove another die on a built world. Get +1 victory point. Bonus 1 (+1 VP): If the die removed from the planet is purple or matches the planet's color.

Bonus 2 (+1 VP): If the ship die used is purple or matches the planet's color

Recruit citizens

All used dice go into your citizenry (your personal dice pool) -- you will have to spend 1 money per die to buy them back. If you spend all your money, you get 1 money at the end of the round.

If everyone has fewer than 12 tiles built (players start with 3 tiles) and not all the VP chips are used up, then another round is played.

Die Side Summary

Home (White) - 2 Explore, 1 Develop, 1 Settle, 1 Produce, 1 Ship

Military (Red) - 1 Explore, 2 Develop, 2 Settle, 1 Wild

Consumption (Purple) - 1 Explore, 1 Develop, 3 Ship, 1 Wild

Novelty (Blue) - 1 Explore, 2 Produce, 2 Ship, 1 Wild

Rare Element (Brown) - 1 Explore, 2 Develop, 1 Produce, 1 Ship, 1 Wild

Genes (Green) - 1 Explore, 2 Settle, 1 Produce, 2 Wild

Alien Technology (Yellow) - 1 Develop, 1 Settle, 1 Produce, 3 Wild